Cash And Carry

Best Bargains, Inc. offers a cash-and-carry policy for merchandise. Cash-and-carry is a term that was coined during World War II that we still use today. In modern times, this term means you can take advantage of lower prices by paying with cash and loading all of the goods yourself to take to your home or business. Our policy is simple and straightforward.

Many restaurants, bars and other businesses shop at Best Bargains, Inc. for large quantity orders. For these businesses, cash-and-carry means we do not deliver the goods to you, but we are able to have the items ready for you to pick up at our store, while you still taking advantage of the lower costs. We encourage restaurants, bars, and other businesses to call our store and place orders ahead of time, to ensure a smooth pick-up process. Pick out your cart, shop at your pace, and pay for your items as you leave. You do not need a minimum purchase amount of bulk items, nor do you have to buy a certain amount of anything, to receive the discounts. All products provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Best Bargains, Inc. provides you with wholesale prices rather than retail mark-ups. While we don’t deliver, our friendly associates can help you locate the best products for your needs and inform you when new items will be shipped to our store. We can also accommodate special orders.

Our store is laid out clearly for convenient shopping, whether you are stopping in to purchase ingredients for tonight’s dinner or stocking up on items for your business for the next month. Our aisles are organized and spacious, with simple packaging and plenty of selection. Our practicality, over glamour, approach helps to keep our products at a low cost.

Wholesale Food Service

Best Bargains, Inc. provides wholesale food services for many restaurants, offices, cafeterias, break rooms, festivals, food pantries, schools, hospitals, churches, and other events/locations. We also work with home meal replacement programs and assisted-living facilities. We look for the products you need at the best prices. We negotiate freight fees and find the lowest prices to keep your costs as low as we can.

Best Bargains, Inc. can also provide paper and plastic dinnerware, including: napkins, silverware, plates, cups, and much more. We have pork, processed meats, seafood, lamb, veal, produce, canned goods, condiments, and frozen foods. We do our best to meet your every request.

Purchasing bulk items, packaged in large quantities, saves you money. This is because retail-priced stores usually have to unload and stock small packages. This is not the case Best Bargains, Inc., so you don’t pay more for restocking fees. Best Bargains Inc. is the best choice for purchasing large amounts of food and restaurant supplies in the Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois area.

Best Bargains, Inc. is very community-oriented and takes pride in being involved with local events. We take part in fundraising projects for schools, churches, businesses, public events, and more. This includes raising funds through the sale of our foods that go toward a fundraising cause, donating our food, or setting up shop to sell our products at another venue. We encourage you to talk to contact us if you are interested in working with us for your fundraising project.

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